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Want to Coach in Connecticut and do not have a permit??
If you are not a certified teacher in Connecticut then you need to take the
45 clock hour course. You now have two delivery platforms to choose from.

In-Person 45 Clock Hour Course
(This coure will be delivered in a face to face setting over 6 days)

that satisfies CT.  Public ACT 14-66

There are no In-Person courses scheduled at this time.
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Blended/Online 45 Clock Hour Course
(A majority of this course will be delivered online and
it will require a 4 hour in-person session to be completed.)

Cost - $475

that satisfies CT.  Public ACT 14-66

For more Information and Registration for the Blended/Online Course

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****New State Department of Education ****
Permit Submission Process

For the ED 186 (Temporary/Emergency) Submission

The Coach should fill out the first portion of the application found at and then have THE SCHOOL DISTRICT sends it in directly to the state department. You can NO longer send the scanned application to the email previously provided. Also, when you scan it, you can NO longer “forward” the scanned document. Therefore, you must scan the document and then save it as a PDF and then attach it to the new email address - . Please remember this process can NOT be used for an ED 185 five-year permit.

For the ED 185 (Five Year Permit Initial/Renewal) Submission

Step 1- The Coach should go to this Ct State Department link and create an account - Click Here
Here is a tutorial if you get confused - Click Here

Step 2 - Two separate emails will be sent to the email address you provided. The first will contain your username, a second email will be sent to you with your temporary password and instructions on how to login. Go to this link and sign in - Click Here

Step 3 – Then go to this link to fill out an ED 185 5 year renewable permit application and submit it using your legal name - Click Here . When applying online, you are using application ED 185 and applying for endorsement #600. (NOTE: do not email or fax a paper-based ED 185 application to the state. If you complete a paper-based ED 185 application, it must be mailed to the address noted on top of the form and cannot be photocopied).

Step 4 – If you apply online, after you receive a credential letter requesting your CPR/FA card, coaching transcript, and high school diploma, reply to the email and attach the credentials. In the email subject line – ED 185 Attachments (Last Name) to and attach the following: a. Proof of Current First Aid and CPR – For wallet cards make a copy of front and back OR for certificates send a colored pdf or jpg copy of your current certificate. b. Proof of High School graduation – send a copy of your HS diploma or College diploma (If you are sending an official transcript, it cannot be attached to an email. An official transcript in the sealed envelope will need to be mailed to the bureau for review) c. Proof of completed approved course – attach the certificate of completion I provided you at the class.