1. Q-Who needs a Coaching Permit and how do you obtain one?
A- Anyone in the state of Connecticut who is coaching public school students grades K-12 must hold a valid coaching permit. Those who hold current teaching certification in Connecticut need to fill out SDE Application Form ED 185 and mail it in along with proof of current CPR and First Aid . Non Teachers must take a course designed to satisfy the requirement. The CCEP Offers a 45 clock hour course for that purpose, which you can register for through this site.

2. Q- I am under the direct supervision of the head Coach who has a Permit. Do I also need a permit?
A- People assisting a program as an equipment manager, statistician, etc, do not necessarily need a permit. However, if at anytime you are coaching or instructing youth, you must hold your own coaching permit.

3. Q- I volunteer my services to the middle school team 2 days a week. Do I need a permit?
A- YES, ANYONE coaching or instructing youth in Connecticuts Public schools grades K-12 must hold a coaching permit.

4. Q- I want to start coaching soon but there is not enough time to fit the 45 clock hour course into my schedule, what can I do?
A- School systems in need of your services can apply for a "Temporary Coaching Permit" for one year. You must be at least 18 years old, have current first aid and CPR and have a high school diploma. It is possible to get a second years temporary permit if you are registered in the Coaching Permit Course.

5. Q- I coached in Connecticut many years ago and had an original lifetime Permit. Do i need to retake a course to get back into coaching?
A- NO, Once you have a permit, you never need to retake the 45 clock hour course. Those individuals who did not surrender their permanent permit in 1999 need to apply for a 5 year renewable permit to be reinstated as a coach in Connecticut.

6. Q- My Permit has expired. What do i need to do?
A- You need to take the 15 hours of SDE approved CEU's and then send in an application Form ED185 along with proof of current CPR and First Aid. You CANNOT coach with an expired permit.

7. Q- What is covered in the CCEP 45 clock hour course?
A- The course is divided into 3 segments: - Sports Psychology, Care and Prevention of Injuries, and Legal Aspects of coaching. The course is NOT and X''s and O's class.

8. Q- Are all CCEP Coaching Course always taught in Cheshire?
A- NO, beginning in 2008 we now offer Satellite Course in different parts of the state. these are usually arranged in conjunction with a League effort. More can be learned about course in your area on this website.

9. Q- My life is complicated. How do I fit taking the 45 clock hour course into my hectic schedule?
A- The CCEP recognizes the hectic lifestyle coaches live. To this end we have developed "Power Classes" which offer the 45 clock hours over a very short duration. More information can be found on this website.

10. Q- Why the CCEP 45 hour coaching course?
A- The CCEP course has been in existence at the CIAC office for more than 22 years. It assists more coaches in the state than any other program and besides the 45 clock hour course the staff is always available to help with all your coaching education concerns.

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