FORMAT - Courses are 45 hours in length. Each 45 hour course will consist of three segments, with fifteen hours of instruction devoted to each of the following areas:
Sports Psychology, Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries, Legal Aspect of Coaching.

The course is offered throughout the year concurrent with each sports season and in the summer. Courses are offered in a variety of formats to make it more convenient for coaches.:

Conventional Format - Classes meet every Wednesday Night for 14 weeks completing the 45 hour requirement.
Power Class Format - Classes meet on a few weekends completing the 45 hour requirement.
Satellite Format - These course are off site and in various parts of the state. They are usually taught in the Power Format.

Attendance to all classes is required!

COST - The fee for the course is $375 and includes all materials. The course can ONLY be paid online with a credit card. (see registration form). No Refunds will be issued unless we receive notification via email at least 48 hours prior to the start of the course and no refunds will be given to anyone who uses the course registration to apply for a second Temporary Permit.

FIRST AID and CPR - Proof of current First Aid and CPR is required by law in order to coach BUT is not required to take the course nor is it a component of this course.

CONCUSSION REQUIREMENT - Our 45 clock hour course is the ONLY course in Connecticut which includes the concussion component required by law.

The course administrator is Fred Balsamo, CMAA and can be reached to answer questions not related to registration at fbalsamo@casciac.org or (203) 651-3924

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