1. Q. Can a coach retake the same module twice and count it towards their 15 hours?
A. No, State law forbids the duplication of any content being counted twice.

2. Q. My permit has or is about to expire. How do I renew my permit?
A. Regardless of how long ago your permit expired, in order to renew you must take 15 hours of course work we offer as CEU's, the concussion refresher course and current first aid/CPR. Then fill out an ED 185 form and submit it to the state department.

3. Q. Is the “Connecticut Coaching Education Program” with its 5 modules the only way a coach can obtain CEU’s?
A. No, although we feel we offer a complete program which will assist a coach, there are other organizations who offer coaching hours of completion. Furthermore, teachers may be able to use hours from their teacher required CEU’s if it relates to the requirements for coaching. In addition, coursework, workshops or seminars may be used to meet the requirement. In such cases a description of the activity should be submitted to the SDE for approval.

4. Q. What is an athletic director’s responsibility in keeping records of their coaches CEU’s?
A. Technically none at all, however, it is suggested that athletic directors keep an accurate data base of their coaches educational activities.

5. Q. What is an athletic director’s liability if they batch a coach who has not completed 15 hours?
A. None, the new method of batching is really collating individual applications and sending them in. Coaches sign their own application and are liable for the accuracy of it.

6. Q. Can a coach who goes to an X’s & O’s clinic count the time put in as CEU’s?
A. No, the law clearly states the instruction has to deal with healthy coaching practices and understanding child and adolescent development. We suggest using the competencies as a guide.

7. Q. Can a coach whose permit expires in August, but who has not completed their 15 hours of instruction apply for a renewal permit?
A. Yes, they must apply but check no when asked if the 15 hours are complete. A new permit will not be issued until they send in proof they have completed their 15 hours. Note: from the time their permit expires and the time they are renewed they cannot coach.

8. Q. If audited what does a coach have to submit?
A. When audited the SDE will check the CCEP data base. If a coach has obtained their 15 hours from CCEP the audit will be complete. If a coach has to submit certificates they must be authenticated originals. CEU certificates must have a colored stamp affixed to it.

9. Q. Does a coach have to take Modules 1 thru 5 in order?
A. A coach does not have to take the modules in a specific order. Any five will satisfy the SDE requirement, however, it is strongly recommended that one of the CIAC Rules Modules 5 or 7 be taken within each 5 year cycle.

10. Q. Will CCEP develop any brand new modules?
A. Yes, besides revisions, as new trends and issues surface, CCEP will expand its program. Currently we are looking into a module which will deal specifically with middle school issues.

11. Q. Do Volunteer Coaches need to be in possession of a coaching permit?
A. ANY coach who is coaching students must be in possession of a coaching permit. The law does allow for someone to aid a coach such as a statistician or in setting up equipment to do so without a permit but it should be understood they are not instructing students.

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